Oh Look! I Got Quoted!!! 

I give studios quotes right after watching an upcoming film. Some of my quotes are half-hearted but they're all coming from my heart -- I stand by each and everyone of them!

So last Friday, a friend of mine was reading the Los Angeles Times, and lo and behold, he saw my name on a full-page ad that Universal Pictures bought for "Death Race."

So he excitedly text me, and I excitedly grabbed a copy of the paper! I was proud EVEN THOUGH Universal used my real name, and not my affable moniker, Manny the Movie Guy!

Oh well, at least my name's out there, and it made my mommy happy :happy

I said, "Death Race" is a thrill-a-minute action adventure, and Jason Statham is Hollywood's new action hero.

And guess what? I truly meant those words, and oh yeah, they were not half-heartedly written :happy

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