Pennywise to Terrorize Movie Theaters Near You! The New "IT" Big Screen Adaptation! 

Are you excited as I am to see a new film based on the Stephen King Novel "It?" I enjoyed the 1990 ABC TV miniseries, it's like a pop culture touchstone of my younger years.

So now, I heard that Warner Bros. is doing "It," and they've hired Dave Kajganich to write the screenplay. Kajganich is also writing "Escape from New York" and he is also the scribe of the upcoming Joel Schumacher film, "Creek."

The one not-too-shining moment in Kajganich's resume? Well, he also wrote the 2007 craptacular "The Invasion" starring Nicole Kidman.

So hopefully, Kajganich will be able to intelligently adapt the story of seven children fighting the demon of their childhood, Pennywise!

No word yet on who's going to play the sinister clown.

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