Get Ready for "Mother's Day" the Horror Remake! 

Remember the 1980 cult horror pic "Mother's Day" from Troma Films (I love all their cheesy, campy classics, by the way)? It's getting a remake makeover courtesy of our friends who brought us the "Saw" franchise!

So this one will be bloodier, more violent, more bone-crushing than the original!

Darren Lynn Bousman (he directed the second, third, and fourth "Saw" flicks) is set to helm. The story is about a ragtag of vicious, violent family, with a sadistic mother who instructs her sons to do all the killings. What a sweet momma :happy

Brett Ratner's Rat Entertainment company is set to co-produce, and the director of the original film, Charles Kaufman will co-exec produce.

When can you see it? Mother's Day of 2010! Take your mother to see the film, or...maybe not...

Meanwhile, let's re-live the gory days of the original with this trailer!

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