Huh? Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand to Star in Movie? 

That Seth Rogen is one busy dude! Now, our friends at are saying there's a road comedy being planned to star Rogen and Barbra Streisand!

Now for those folks doubting Streisand's talent for comedy, look no further than "Meet the Fockers" or any of her old Peter Bogdanovich flicks. Streisand has great timing!

So the film that the two are supposed to be in talks for is called "Mother's Curse" and it has a strong possibility of getting made.

Hitflix is saying:

I know that they're still working on the script to this one, and there may be more rewrites ahead in the near future. When I asked Seth about the film, he referred to it as "one of the many projects I may or may not do in the next fifteen years," which is a fair description. So keep in mind... I'm not saying this will or won't happen... just that it could. This is one of the pet projects of Adam Goodman, the Dreamworks executive who just made the jump to Paramount as the new head of production, so I would expect that if this gets made, it'll get made as a Dreamworks/Paramount co-production at this point.

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