Watch "Junction" -- A True Indie Flick! 

Taking a somber flight from Palm Springs to New York, I chose to kill time by watching some independent films that were sent to me by various filmmakers.

One of them was a film called "Junction" from Women on Top Productions. I refused to learn anything about this movie prior to watching it (I do that with other films, even major Hollywood movies if I can, so I'm not tainted), and all I knew was that the film's main actress, producer, and original screenwriter, April Wade, was such a sweetheart, and was lovingly patient with me for she sent this film eons ago and I just never had time to watch it.

Now I had time, and boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

"Junction" is equal parts intriguing, mesmerizing, and an edge-of-your-seat crowd pleaser!

An allegory to isolation and alienation, "Junction" starts with an explosive and bloody fight, and ends with rumination and redemption.

Wade stars as Michaela McHenry, a photojournalist wannabe, who is sent into a personal detective work when she visits her estranged father in prison. To her surprise, she finds out she has other siblings. This startling news sets off the gripping narrative.

One of her siblings is Victoria (co-producer Lira Kellerman) who is hiding a secret of her own. Both Michaela and Victoria are dealing with mother issues and the brimming tension will come to a halt when they cross the "Junction."

Fittingly shot in Arizona's Apache Junction, also known as "dysfunction junction," the film gives a new twist to dysfunctional family.

Adapted by James Ryan and directed by Neal Fradsham, "Junction" is a delight of a film -- a small, true-independent movie that is dark, witty, and will make you want to see the gripping conclusion.

Both actresses did a fine job with their solid performances. Wade is the crux of the film for she invites us to take the dysfunctional journey with her. If she's not believable, the movie would have crumbled.

Giving her equal weight is Kellerman, she's as mysterious and mesmerizing as Wade. Out of 4 kisses? I give this film :35k

So I urge you lovely readers, please take a look at their site, and rent or buy "Junction." Now I know why this film is a multi-award winner within the indie circuit. (Visit the official site by clicking here, there's a link to buy or rent the film)

I can't wait to see what Women on Top Productions will do next!

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