Director Kenny Ortega Pulls a Zac Efron, Leaves "Footloose" Remake 

Much like his original chosen star, Zac Efron, director Kenny Ortega is no longer putting on his dancing shoes for "Footloose."

Efron quit the production, then replaced by Chace Crawford, now, Ortega has left the film! DRAMA!

All this drama is heightened by the fact that Ortega directed the expected-to-be-huge Michael Jackson concert film, "This is It."

Paramount is in search of a new director, and the studio insists that production will still begin in March when Crawford's on hiatus from "Gossip Girl." "Dancing with the Stars" dancer and part-time country singer, Julianne Hough, is set to co-star.

So why did Ortega leave the production?

Well, Paramount said it's because of the budget, while Ortega issued a press statement saying "Coming off the extraordinary project, Michael Jackson's `This is It,' director Kenny Ortega has decided it is premature for him to commit to his next film and will not be moving forward with `Footloose' as previously reported."

But our trusted friends from Variety revealed that Paramount production chief Adam Goodman "wanted an edgier drama with less emphasis on the musical numbers, and a budget around $25 million or less. Paramount has confirmed the budget dispute, but the studio said the budget will be less than $25 million."

Honestly, I side with Paramount on this. If the studio is planning an edgier take on "Footloose," then more power to them! I think, the story, and the original 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon, certainly warrant a new, darker take on a parable about a town that banned dancing forever!

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