Yuk! "Saw VI" Director for "Paranormal Activity 2" 

The Hollywood Reporter told us that Paramount has hired screenwriter Michael R. Perry and director Kevin Greutert to create the sequel to 2009’s biggest surprise hit, “Paranormal Activity,” which scared up $151 million in worldwide grosses in the fall on a shoestring $15,000 budget and a shrewd, opt-in Web marketing campaign.

And Paramount revealed that the sequel will be released on Oct. 22 just in time for Halloween!

Sure, Jason Blum and Oren Peli, the team behind the original "Paranormal Activity," are producing the second, but...um...this is horrible news! Paramount is just cashing in on the popularity of the first film, but has the studio stopped and pondered about the fate of "The Blair Witch Project?"

Like "Paranormal," 1999's "Blair Witch" was considered a pop culture phenomenon. Shot on a shoe-string budget, the film made gazillion of dollars, just like "Paranormal."

And then, of course, the inevitable sequel followed, the horrendous "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2." Like "Paranormal," the original creative team was attached to the sequel, but it didn't help.

The magic was gone.

So note to Paramount, if you're thinking of building a formidable franchise surrounding "Paranormal Activity," put time and effort behind it. Don't just release a sequel for the purpose of releasing a film on Halloween!

Stop, take a breath, and then see if the people you hired are qualified to create the sequel. If not, go back to the drawing board.

Or better yet? Stop thinking of making part 2!

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