Who Should Play "Captain America?" Meet the Wannabes! 

The Hollywood Reporter shared with us that Marvel is conducting screen tests this week in its search for the actor to play Steve Rogers, the alter ego of Captain America in the big-screen adaptation!

Joe Johnston ("The Wolfman" director) has been hired since November of 2008 (Check our original story right here) and it's taking them long to find their hero!

This new film will see Captain America's World War II roots and his eventual membership with Marvel's superhero team the Avengers. (Check out "Captain America's" plot breakdown right here)

So here's the list of the actors hoping to play Steve Rogers aka Captain America. These actors have either tested or are expected to screen test this week and next at Marvel's Manhattan Beach headquarters.

Who do you think should play the part? Let me tell 'ya, all these actors have the good, old American boy look!

First, we have JOHN KRASINSKI -- a possibility! A fine actor who's already popular from his role in "The Office." He also possesses such an incredible aw shucks charm!

Then, we have MICHAEL CASSIDY from "Smallville"

PATRICK FLUEGER from the show "The 4400," he also appeared in "Brothers" with Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal

WILSON BETHEL who starred in "Generation Kill"

MIKE VOGEL from "Cloverfield"

"Gossip Girl's" CHACE CRAWFORD is also in talks to screen test -- he's flaunting his body already!

GARRET HEDLUND, star of the upcoming "Tron," was set to test but backed out because of scheduling conflicts. Oh, he will return to test, you wanna bet?

Also having scheduling conflicts is "Supernatural's" JENSEN ACKLES

Marvel had the same dilemma when the studio was looking for its "Thor." The role eventually went to Chris Hemsworth after testing many actors.

So, the criteria for the role?

*** youngish
*** rugged
*** oh yeah, American, since it's, um, Captain America

But THR is saying that the search could widen to include British or Australian actors if the studio could not find American candidates.

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